Our secure, self-service portals provide exactly what is needed and more.  Whether you are a trustee, participant or dependent, employer, or provider, log in to access the information you are seeking.

We use modern technology and controls to protect trust, employer, and participant data and privacy.

Our internal programming staff implements automation to eliminate errors, provide consistent reporting, enforce data integrity and accuracy of processing. 

Online Benefits

Mobile options showing member portal for William C Earhart Company.

Participant Portal

Our Secure Participant Portal provides a substantial amount of information along with:

  • Eligibility and Health Coverage
  • Claims Details and Accumulators
  • Access to Benefit Account Balances
  • Foms to download and upload
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Online Secure Communication

Employer Portal

Submit remittance information easily and securely:

  • Online remittance reporting
  • Schedule check or EFT payments
  • Upload remittance data or copy from a previous month’s report
  • Auto-calculate and instant itemizations

Provider Portal

Obtain Eligibility and Claims data including:

  • Eligibility and Health Coverage for patients
  • Claims Details and Accumulators
  • Access to Plan Summaries
  • Online Secure Communication


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